Audi European Delivery 2008

Factory driver picked me up from the airport in a Q7

Traveling through Europe in an Audi RS4 was memorable.

I went from Ingolstadt to Lichtenstein, then up to Frankfurt, Strassburg and also Helsinki (Helsinki by plane.)

No, not this one...

The car performed extremely well.

Audi RS4 (loaner) in Lichtenstein

420 HP gets the job done nicely

Ceramic brake discs

Lichtenstein was nice.

Hans-Adam's place

The guy who runs the place lives up there.

Alte Oper FFM

It was a nice day at the Opernplatz in Frankfurt.

Helsinki towards the waterfront

Helsinki was great, a very interesting visit.

Lutheran Church

Train to Moscow

The trains in service going to Russia are a bit old...

Finnish train

The Finnish trains are very modern.

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